The Toys

Here is a listing of all the toys that Mike G has sourced for the trip, (good thing we have a support vehicle driving down with us, I think this list is going to get long):

  • GoPro 1080p video camera so that we can video the entire planning process and the actual trip itself.
  • Sound Recording System . - so that we can record all our experiences along the ride 

Here is some video that Tim shot with his new camera mounted on his bike. Take a look at let us know what you think.

Camera mount Mark1.  Not bad but vibrated bad at higher speeds. (This vid was not over 60kph):

Camera mount Mark2, with rubber isolator. Better but not quite there yet. This vid gets up to about 120:

I am going to try a handlebar mount next, but this is done and can be used anytime, most any camera….