Our Story


This is the story behind the ride,.. the reason why we are riding down to San Diego and back,.. let me lay out the chararcters for you,.. Mike G has a lovely wife named Lynn and I (Mike A) have a lovely wife named Heidi.

Our day started off like any other, except we were in paradise up the Mike & Lynn’s cottage. As usual the plan was to entertain the kids and make sure they had fun, Mike and I had no idea what was to come out of this day.

Lynn the master planner, had a full day of fun planned for all of us. First, over to Karen’s new cottage across the lake, so the kids could play and as usual the parents could relax after a hard week, after all, we work to play,.. and it was extremely hot out, that fateful day. As it always happens up at the cottage, one stop led to another, which led to another and the next thing we knew it was dinner time.

With the kids fed and taken care of and it was time for the grown-ups to relax as well. Heidi was a bit chilly, so it was decided that while kids play a few video games before bed, the grown-ups (term used loosely) would all jump in the hottub and warm up.

With nightcap in hand and the water warming everyone up, talk begins,.. and believe me our lovely wives can talk. Mike and I do not really get a chance to get a word in, but not on this fateful night, and that is where this story starts.


Mike G had been looking on Kijiji (shamless plug) his favourite website and had brought up that he saw motorcycles on the site – for sale.  This of course sparked conversation as I use to own a bike way, way back in University. Mike and I went on about how if we had bikes we would love to take them on a long drive. I cited the fact that my father-in-law was part of the Southern Cruisers and had recently travelled down to Florida on his bike. It sounded exciting and Mike and I wanted to do the same thing – if we had BIKES!!

Hearing the bravado come from Mike and I, about how we will ride down to Tijuana Mexico on our new bikes if we had them,.. Heidi (who is never one to NOT state her opinion), chimed in with just the right comments at that point in time.

“You guys don’t have the balls to do that ride”,..

That is all we needed to hear, with Lynn in the background pleading with Heidi to “shut up” with the challenges (she knows her Mike) Mike and I immediately stepped up when our manhood came into question,.. we seized the opportunity to take on this challenge, as NO one will, question our manhood,.. the NO BALLS to BLUE BALLS ride became a reality.

THE TERMS: (Here are the terms that we came up in the hottub that late, late evening)

  • Mike and I had until July 2012 to ride down to San Diego – (we plan to leave June 2012 from Toronto)
  • When the Mike’s drive into San Diego they win one hundred dollars (each) for their efforts (and of course get new bikes)
  • If the Mike’s do not make it to San Diego – Heidi gets a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes (Heidi says the one she wants cost about $2500) but she will never see them.
  • Both Lynn and Heidi will fly down to San Diego and hand deliver the crisp $100 prize to Mike G and Mike A, then head back to Toronto.

Our plan as this idea has grown is to ride there and back with a support car and we have another 4 or 5 riders who plan to join the ride. We are also going to try and raise some money for charity along the way,.. should be a fantastic adventure.