San Diego – we made it !!!

San Diego right on schedule, Heidi – Show us the money!!

As the homepage states, we arrived in San Diego at 3:30 on June 14th. After a relatively easy ride through the Mojave Desert,.. (it was actually hotter riding through the desert into Vegas a couple of days before). The five hour ride was uneventful and quite enjoyable. We arrived at the dock of the USS Midway.

Hats off to the team, they have mastered the elements (wind and heat), a couple minor bike issues (thanks to Tim they are all running great now), some very sore and tired bodies – and a little bit of boredom for the support guys in the van snapping pictures and keeping up with us with the traffic.

San Diego - here we come!!

Jim, Norm - supporting us all the way









Gene G had to head home one day prior to San Diego. Thanks for your support

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