Pikes Peak – we still cannot believe the ride !!!

Pikes Peak,.. need I say more (other than you really burn gas – with my bike anyway)

We just sat at around watching video footage of our accent (with chase vehicle follwoing closely behind),.. the video and pictures are amazing. At the 4 mile marker – it sinks in when the signs says that ”Pikes Peak is 1 miles above you”,.. not one mile away,.. it takes 19 more miles of meandering switchback roads up one side of the mountain,.. to finally get to the top of Pike’s Peak (1 mile above you).

There are some guard-rails, but for the most part,.. there is nothing. We will post some of the pictures as soon as possible and hopefully upload some video as well,.. it is nothing like the real thing,.. just ask one of support crew (Jim) who jumped on the back of Tim’s bike for the ride,.. just to catch some great video,.. by the time he got to the top we have sick,.. but the video was incredible.

Tomorrow is long day of steady riding to Winslow Arizona and then onto the Grand Canyon and the Hoover Dam,.. with maybe a much needed stop in Vegas,.. until tomorrow.


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