Where is Paxton NE

Who would have ever thought we would be in Paxton NE

The end of the third day found us in Paxton NE, after leaving Iowa City for our second full day of riding. The day was sunny and bright and the tempurature just kept getting hotter – 36 C when we pulled in at 9 pm tonight.

The winds were pretty tough to deal with,.. today. There was a lot of lane closures which means that you not only are dealing gusty cross winds that throwing the bikes across the lanes but also a lot of buffetting wind from trucks coming at your in the on-coming lanes. Everyone had to focused but in true ’never say die fashion’ the last 2 hours of riding turned out to the best of the evening.

Norm, Gene and Tim headed to sort out the hotel while Mike, Andrew, Tim and I sprinted the last couple hours from Kearney NE to Paxton NE. Cold beer and a couple of phone calls back home and we are good for the night.

Tomorrow we see the rockies and Pikes Peak,.. really looking forward for the climb. I think we are heading out very early tomorrow morning.



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