Winter’s Over, Bikes on the Road

The amazing weather over the last two weeks has all the gang itching the get their bikes on the road.

Tim and his new FJR dropped by last weekend. It’s a beautiful bike (even though it’s not a BMW). He is busy repacking bearings and attaching toys.

Mike A got back from a business road trip and ran over to liberate his bike from storage. I popped a new battery into my GT and took her for a little sprint. The carb needs adjusting, but she is still a pleasure to ride. Probably a little early for Peter to get the “couch on wheels” out of protective storage, but I’m sure he’ll be dusting it off and rearranging the throw pillows soon.

We are busy planning a shakedown ride on April 13. We are also planning a sprint to Quebec City to work in the pant seat. Sunshine and the asphalt are calling.

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