Video for the Ride

Mike A and I have been big fans of video and wanted to make sure that we captured our trip for posterity. Trying to get video on a motorcycle trip at first appeared to be a daunting task. Do we have the chase vehicle do the filming? Do we attach cameras to the bikes? How do we capture what it is like to ride to San Diego, without the option of retakes?

We decided on redundancy. We will have at least three cameras capturing the event. We will do all video in full HD. Two Sony Handycams were lined up to do the video from the chase vehicle and while stopped. I decided to get the GoPro Hero HD to be attached to the helmet or the bike to capture everything up close and in your face.

I just got back from a little test run and here is a first sample. What do you think?

Well, that was not very good. Try this: