Planning the Ride out

For the route down to San Diego, I spoke to my father-in-law Mike Ceci, who belongs to the Southern Cruisers in Niagara. Some of his friends have done the trip and their route book proved invaluable. The plan is to ride long on day one and get a good chunk completed.

The days riding plan will be to have a quick breakfast at the hotel in the morning, ride to the first gas stop and get a full breakfast. We will ride through and have lunch around 2 in the afternoon and then ride until 6. This would give give us the 7 to 9 hours of riding each day.   

Once through the mid-west (Nebraska) we will head up toward Denver and then down through the desert into Vegas where we will spend a day meeting up with friends. After Vegas we head to San Diego and the Navy shipyards.


photo credit Frank Kovalchek

The next big issue to arise out of the route planning was the mountains. We were going to have to go through them to get to San Diego. Mike A had planned for a southerly mountain pass, hoping to avoid the questionable weather that crossing further north might entail. But mountains mean altitude. Carburetors don’t work so well at higher altitudes (or so Mike A said). Thus we had to make a further requirement on the bikes. Fuel injection was going to be required to ensure safe passage through the mountains.


Photocredit Betelgeuse2

One of the first thing Mike A came up with was the plan for the desert. The route he planned would take us through the desert into Las Vegas. This had an immediate impact on the motorcycle criteria. Air cooled engines were going to be at risk on the ride through the desert, so criteria for ride selection required something more than air cooled. We began looking for liquid cooled engines and planning the desert run to minimize heat on the bikes (and the bikers).

Welcome to No Balls to Blue Balls

Mike trying out a ride at the show

This is a blog by two Mikes, planning their cross country motorcycle trip to San Diego, California. We’ll be publishing our story here; why we are riding, how we selected our rides, our plans and our goals. Hope you enjoy. Drop us a line.