Test Run through the Desert

You can do 80 mph on parts of the stretch. It took us about 5.5 hours from hotel to airport. It was probably around 110-115°F.

As long as you have a full face helmet and something to drink, it isn’t so bad. If you flip your lid open to get some air, you’re quickly suffocated by the heat and when you put the lid back down, it feels like a/c.

I’m trying to find a shirt that keeps you cool. You basically soak it in water and then put it on. It absorbs the water and dissipates heat. The one site I’ve found they claim they have the patent. http://www.fros-t.com/Home_Page.html

I’m not sure you lads will enjoy a midday ride through the desert. The route is south of death valley, so it will be very hot in June. we might want to make a night run.


Photocredit Betelgeuse2

One of the first thing Mike A came up with was the plan for the desert. The route he planned would take us through the desert into Las Vegas. This had an immediate impact on the motorcycle criteria. Air cooled engines were going to be at risk on the ride through the desert, so criteria for ride selection required something more than air cooled. We began looking for liquid cooled engines and planning the desert run to minimize heat on the bikes (and the bikers).