Busiest Day yet !!

Waking up in Winslow AR, it was another spectacular morning. Naturally before the ride, I needed gas, so I loaded my bike up with 91 Octane (Premium) and we pulled out onto the highway. The road was clear as we headed to Flagstaff – it was another spectacular ride through Arizona.

Andrew’s bike:
While gasing up for the ride to Grand Canyon, Andrew noticed his front fork leaking, so Mike G pulled out his trusty smartphone (we could not have done this trip without them), and found a couple Kawasaki dealers in Flagstaff while the group took a break at the Starbuck’s (they are all wi-fi junkies). After so trepedation as to what to do, Tim had an idea and pulled out an old bank card and oragamed it a little tool, that stop the leaking. We were on our way again – every high on Starbuck’s

Grand Canyon:

It 70 miles of 55 mile an hour roads to the Canyon,.. it was another sun soaked ride without a cload in the sky, after a quick refuel we were at the Grand Canyon,.. pictures just don’t do it justice but Gene, Jim and Tim took a lot pictures from the Southern rim,.. it almost looks fake – it is so incredibly massive. I am just not doing it justice, how beautiful it is.

Andrew – Part 2:
When we all pulled into the Grand Canyon parking lot, we pulled in with another group of bikers and Andrew’s bike was shielded by the wind. We got back from taking pictures around the canyon and as Tim, Andrew and I stode beside his bike, it tipped over. Only minor damage but still damage non the less. So our resident set of McGivor’s pulled out the tool box and had teh fairing taped, the broken right turn signal taped up, the front brake lever straigtened enough to use,.. and we were on our way through the desert at 36C and climbing up to 43C.

Road Kill Cafe for lunch: It was great rolling down a section of Route 66,.. and what it even better was a lunch stop at the Roadkill Cafe. The food and ambience were worth the ride.

Hoover Dam:
As we got close to Vegas we decided to stop and have a look at the Hoover Dam,.. an engineering marvel,.. and some great road to ride the bikes on. A quick stop for some pictures and 30 miles into Vegas – for our first night ride together. Good thing Mike G knew where we was going,.. we got us to Bally’s safe and sound – It is Corona’s all around for the team

Vegas baby:
Coming into from the desert, as the sun sets was stunning, but not as incredible as riding the strip on your motorcycle – man that was cool!! Tonight is Andrew’s stag,.. we of course are going to take it easy – NOT!!! We are in Vegas, what would you do?

Tomorrow morning we head to our final destination – San Diego California and Mike G and I will WIN our bet, “that we did not have the balls to ride to San Diego”. One sad note, Gene Girard will be heading home tomorrow, as planned. We cannot thank Gene enough for joining us on this adventure, wait to you see all the pictures that him and Jim took. Death Valley awaits un tomorrow – where it will be 42C tomorrow. We can’t wait.


Pikes Peak – we still cannot believe the ride !!!

Pikes Peak,.. need I say more (other than you really burn gas – with my bike anyway)

We just sat at around watching video footage of our accent (with chase vehicle follwoing closely behind),.. the video and pictures are amazing. At the 4 mile marker – it sinks in when the signs says that ”Pikes Peak is 1 miles above you”,.. not one mile away,.. it takes 19 more miles of meandering switchback roads up one side of the mountain,.. to finally get to the top of Pike’s Peak (1 mile above you).

There are some guard-rails, but for the most part,.. there is nothing. We will post some of the pictures as soon as possible and hopefully upload some video as well,.. it is nothing like the real thing,.. just ask one of support crew (Jim) who jumped on the back of Tim’s bike for the ride,.. just to catch some great video,.. by the time he got to the top we have sick,.. but the video was incredible.

Tomorrow is long day of steady riding to Winslow Arizona and then onto the Grand Canyon and the Hoover Dam,.. with maybe a much needed stop in Vegas,.. until tomorrow.


Morning of the Second Day – On to the USA


We set off early on Friday morning, after a big breakfast of ham and eggs at the farm. We were crossing at the Ambassador Bridge into Detroit, Michigan.


It is quite a view as you ride over the Detroit River. The sedate riverside on the Windsor side, as you pass over the University of Windsor. As you look to the U.S. side, you see the Detroit skyline.

And then we were into the line with the U.S. customs and immigration. It was slow, but we made it through by 9:30 a.m. 800 km to go.

The Riders

After the welcome at Tory’s school, we all headed back to the Girard Family Farm for a feast, fire and libations. Family, friends and well wishers came out to celebrate the start of the ride. Our charity broke the $11,000 mark with more to come as we ride. Chris made his trademark bonfire and Frank had cigars for everyone. The farmstead had sleeping room fore everyone. We got up and had a picture of the riders, just before we set off.

The Ride Begins

We started the first leg of the ride on Thursday. We arrived in Windsor, at Tory’s school. We had a warm welcome from the Vice Principal and the MAD group(Making A Difference). Tory gave a wonderful speech and his classmates looked at the bikes. The school gave a donation to start the Ride off right.

Thank you everyone at Sandwich West Public School.