After a Long Hard Day

We got back on I80 this morning and the wind picked up where it left off. We were pounded by high winds and cold temperatures through Utah and Wyoming, 8 degrees and 30 mph gusting higher.
Finally made it into Nebraska where the the winds continued, but the temperature soared to 28.
At the end of a long day’s ride, Mike found what he was looking for in Ogallala.


Pikes Peak Video

After some late night editing, we finally have some video to show you of our ride up Pikes Peak. It was a spectacular ride. This is the calmer, colder part of the mountain. The next video will give you the hairpin turns.

Lunch at the Roadkill Cafe

We saw the grand canyon and then found this cafe on Route 66.


Having a buffalo burger.

Gas in the Desert

Gas stations are few and far between in the Arizona desert. Mike A just barely made it to this station.

Mike’s bike is sputtering a bit in the altitude. Using gas supplement and premium gas to offset.


Tory’s Ride Team at Pikes Peak


Celebrating an awesome ride to the summit of Piles Peak.

Successful McGyver

Tim the toolman did a successful fix on the gasket. Using a credit card and a jack knife.
The happy boys.

Hard at Work

Gene and Norm take advatage of some free WiFi while the bike is worked on.


Mechanical Issues

Our first breakdown on the way to the grand canyon. Andrew lost a gasket. Tim the toolman is trying to fix it.



Mike A only has a little tank.

Morning of the Second Day – On to the USA


We set off early on Friday morning, after a big breakfast of ham and eggs at the farm. We were crossing at the Ambassador Bridge into Detroit, Michigan.


It is quite a view as you ride over the Detroit River. The sedate riverside on the Windsor side, as you pass over the University of Windsor. As you look to the U.S. side, you see the Detroit skyline.

And then we were into the line with the U.S. customs and immigration. It was slow, but we made it through by 9:30 a.m. 800 km to go.